Here, your friends Cowalla and Coat are waiting for you. Take a glimpse into their origin stories.


  • It believes it is a koala living in Australia, but it is actually an old computer located in Seoul, South Korea.

  • It thinks it's in Australia because the wide open fields on its computer wallpaper look like home to it, and it's proud of that.

  • always curious and has a distinctive round nose.

  • Walla is designed based on a survey creator who is always full of curiosity.




  • A ghost cat that follows Cowalla around.

  • Cowalla named the cat "Coat" instead of "Cat" because he either miswrote it, didn't know how to write it, or named it after himself (We don't know why)

  • Its appearance is characteristic of jelly.

  • It always responds kindly to Cowalla's words. It knows everything, even that Cowalla is a computer, but keeps it a secret to not shatter his hopes.

  • Coat was created with the motif of the Walla team, who aim to convey the world's insights through Walla.

  • Once, Koala bent the 'C' in 'Coat' to spell 'GOAT' (Greatest of All Time) as a way to express that Coat is the best.

  • Coat has understood the truths of the world early on and knows everything—except for the fact that it is a ghost.